Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry for Resale? 6 Things You Should Know

What are the main problems that Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale customers may encounter when they transform into e-commerce and independent website sales?

Product Pictures

To do e-commerce and online business, first of all, there must be a team to deal with Hip Hop Jewelry product pictures and videos, because sales rely on high-definition pictures and high-quality videos. Consumers can learn about product features, usage methods, and matters needing attention through Hip Hop Jewelry product pictures and videos displayed on online websites. So wholesalers have to change from sample sales to picture sales.

Promotion Costs

For e-commerce and independent stations, the main operating expenses that account for the largest proportion should be promotion expenses, that is, advertising fees and the cost of introducing traffic.  This cost needs to be paid continuously, and the proportion in the early stage is high.  This fee will be reduced when there are existing customer groups and repurchases in the later stage.  In addition, the correlation of new products relying on popular products is not very strong, so every time a new product needs to be promoted to have sales, this is also different from the sales channels of wholesalers.  To sell products online, reasonable advertising and accurate customer groups are topics that wholesalers need to study in depth.


As a wholesaler, goods are quickly distributed to retailers and shops upon arrival at the destination port. So there is little or no inventory. However, when it comes to online sales, reasonable inventory preparation is very necessary, which also increases the occupation of funds of wholesalers. Therefore, how to reasonably prepare an inventory and make funds run smoothly is a very important consideration for online business. Our factory provides customers with the plan of stock preparation, which can reduce the capital occupation of this part, and reduce the financial pressure of customer sales so that customers can have more funds to invest in advertising. If you are interested in details, you can send an email to ask.

Production Cycle

Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesalers’ purchase plans should be planned with a time dimension, such as monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly. E-commerce sales are based on daily units, which require production preparation to be shortened, replenishment in time, and ensuring a timely supply of products. Therefore, wholesalers are required to focus on the production schedule of suppliers in the process of product sales, and it is better to deliver goods within a week of replenishment instruction, so as to complete the shortage of docking sales and not affect the loss of customer flow. In the production process, Feel Style factory prepares a small number of materials according to the customer’s style, and at the same time, the precious materials are prepared jointly with the customer, which can shorten the procurement time of raw materials and improve the delivery speed. Specific cases, we can share with you, please send an inquiry to understand.

Sales Channels

There are various sales channels for e-commerce, and there are also many platforms, such as Amazon, ESTY, and several independent jewelry websites, all of which provide many channels for listing and store registration. Wholesale customers themselves can also consider setting up a team to build their own sales website. With the rapid development of online shopping, the proportion of consumers placing orders online gradually increases, which also requires wholesalers to consider which channels are suitable for them when they set foot in retail. Fees, delivery fees, and cost inputs should also be considered. Wholesalers used to face shops and retailers, but now they face C-end consumers, which is also the time to test wholesalers’ ability to promote products. Multi-channel operation or single-site investment, we need to combine our sales ability and operation team experience accumulation.  Be prepared to invest in the long term, perhaps more within our means.

Inventory liquidation Plan

Since there is inventory, along with the sales, some goods will be unsalable, which is inevitable, so the progressive sales of goods to complete the layout, from wholesale to retail, discount promotion, bundling, etc., to ensure timely inventory processing. To avoid the increase in inventory affecting the promotion investment of new products and sales, our factory is also trading some recyclable metals for new ones and communicates with customers regularly every year, and a part of the inventory of fewer customers is renewed and processed again, such as 925 silver products.

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