What is the Best Platform to Sell Hip Hop Jewelry Online?

As the epidemic began to normalize, online sales and market expansion became the business development director of many businesses. But for online sales, channel selection and construction are the first issues for every business. Choose to build your own station, create your own website for promotion and marketing, or choose an existing large platform to register an account and carry out sales. Let’s share the situation of several major platforms


First of all, until now, Amazon for C-end consumers is the most standardized platform with stable traffic. In particular, the development of jewelry categories has many advantages for consumers and businesses. For example, “the Small and Light Plan” is a good auxiliary to jewelry, which can reduce storage and delivery costs. It can not only make buyers affordable but also let the sellers save a lot of costs. Of course, the seller should consider the realization of packaging specifications, so as to get support from the platform.

Amazon’s major sites have also made data analysis on the local market, so that businesses can launch to the corresponding sites according to their product characteristics, such as the jewelry categories in the United States including popular fashion, hip-hop punk style, and bohemian genre. The texture can be divided into natural stone, 925 silver, stainless steel, and all copper gilded products. On Japanese sites, jewelry is more simple with 925 silver, and pure natural materials are more popular. If in South America, Mexico, and other markets, more exaggerated and colorful jewelry can be liked by more consumers. Therefore, please analyze the market demand of each site of the platform carefully, organize products and optimize product features to make achievements on the platform.


Alibaba is the largest wholesale procurement platform in the world. It connects with wholesalers, or now more small wholesalers. It provides convenience for them to find suppliers and factories. You can easily initiate inquiries on the platform and there will be many suppliers sending quotations to provide you with customized and mass production solutions.

Alibaba’s suppliers are constantly competing with each other, and the price has hit the bottom. However, the quality is different, which is also the primary consideration for buyers to choose to conduct business on this platform. Because understand the suppliers clearly is crucial to their business development. Quality of goods, timeliness of delivery, and inspection standards will affect product evaluation and feedback. It is suggested that merchants form a complete supplier audit mechanism to comprehensively understand the situation of each supplier. Do not blindly take price as the first standard. Do believe every penny counts.

Wal Mart

Wal Mart, the world’s largest supermarket chain organization and a real economy in the United States, has laid the foundation for the logistics and distribution and strong supply chain capabilities provided by almost all of the United States so that it can become the world’s largest retail aircraft carrier. With the growth and development of online consumption. Wal Mart has also launched its own shopping platform.

Since 2020, there was once a sign of catching up with Amazon. However, from the current point of view, Wal Mart still adheres to its advanced capabilities in the physical, return and exchange, and other logistics fields, as well as its low price advantage of being closer to the people. Develop a more characteristic sales strategy. It should not be developed in the same way as Amazon. It is believed that after a period of development, Wal Mart’s online platform will become more standardized and optimize its characteristic categories and sales channels. I don’t think Wal Mart is an alternative to Amazon. From the perspective of the product, Wal Mart’s consumer groups, and the investor, we can open this business segment with the most normal product ideas. Instead of moving products on Amazon to Wal Mart.


SHOPIFY is a third-party website platform, which has a fixed template and low platform Commission. It provides an integrated service for those who want to carry out independent station sales, but suffer from the lack of a strong station building team, or even a promotion and marketing team. It is easy for the settled merchants to carry out products on the shelves and advertise promotions. Due to the development of the website itself, it has closer links with social media and websites. Sales progress with the accumulation of time and product specialization. And relatively efficient per capita operation makes many suppliers consider entering this platform to test the channel construction of self-built stations. Of course, many excellent sellers and merchants can be seen in this traffic body. They have promoted their products well in combination with their own brands. Especially the types of precious stones in jewelry are very popular on this website platform.

Finally, if you are a wholesaler, you can consider using Alibaba’s resources to select suppliers and factories. Also, independent professional factories are also preferred. You can search product keywords or supplier areas through Google. If you are a retailer, you can consider going to Amazon and Wal Mart platforms to establish your own account. If you need professional jewelry merchants and delivery support, you can contact us. Our service content can be sent to you by email. Finally, hope your business can be developed by leaps and bounds.

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