What Feel Style Factory do for E-commerce Sellers

Feel Style focus on different request of customers, the factory started to carry out several services in 2018.

Dropshipping Service

F to C, from factories to retail buyers, Feel Style focuses on creating delivery methods, providing 1PC delivery to e-commerce clients, wholesaler clients, and brand customers of online business, directly to consumers, Using the method of sending special line express and registered mail from China, under the premise of ensuring the timeliness, it reduces the turnover and intermediate distribution links, reduces the pressure of stock preparation, and reduces the cost of warehouse operation.

Picture Material Package

E-commerce customers, use pictures to sell, improve the quality of pictures to promote sales, and the pictures of accessories need to be finely retouched to show the shiny side of the product. Feel Style adopts Chinese plane processing and C4D rendering methods to present 360° product vision to customers, and then recruits models to take photos to improve the effect and matching of products, providing different image perspectives for people with different models. Then, Feel Style will design the packaging for the styles presented as gifts to perfectly match the products and improve the quality. These materials are supported by packaging boxes and all the pictures and video files mentioned above will be regularly sorted out and produced together with the products. It saves the time cost and money of the e-commerce customers. That’s the value of feel style.

Update of Product

Feel Style’s innovative work is carried out in two ways.

1. Update basic items, change shapes and materials, try other stone inlays, combine changes in popular elements, and update through detail optimization, thus forming a series of products, and the span is not large, the cost is controllable, and the cost and risk of customer trial and error are reduced.

2. Through interaction with customers, collect the customization and inquiry of market to create a new product, from the selection of material, size, structure, and then design and production, correction, computer renderings, proofing, process correction, cost control, Calculate factory price according to customer’s sales price. The most possible production can form sales, market-oriented factory process combination, which is the second product innovation idea of Feel Style.

Shorten Production Time

From product design, proofing, confirmation, production, and shipment, Feel Style can be completed within 30 days at the fastest. If it is only the sample delivery, the Feel Style can be completed within 7-10 years. Now a cycle has been formed, e-commerce customers inquiries and open boards, wholesale customers’ long-term updated product needs, and the number of products is increasing. Feel Style is only part of the online display. There are new product updates. If you want to know more about products, you can download the product catalog or send an email. Feel Style will first send the product image to the customer, and then put it on the Feel Style website.

Packaging OEM

Packaging is a key for brand clients, and e-commerce clients are a part of highlighting the brand. Feel Style has a good cooperative relationship with several packaging suppliers, and can provide custom carton boxes, jewelry box customization, fabric material packaging customization, etc., printing LOGO, greetings, and printing scheme. When you received the goods before opening, It’s very important for us how is feeling.

Feel Style is still constantly pursuing to provide customers with more valuable services, rooted in factories, serving customers, synthesizing the needs of all customers, and providing corresponding supporting services. Your needs are the driving force of Feel Style, looking forward to your inquiry.

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