What Are The Different Types of Gold Chains Links?

Gold chains have proven that they are timeless and have become a must-have accessory for men and women. Consistently favored by musicians, athletes and celebrities. Gold chains are made using different styles and techniques. These different styles and techniques depend on how the links are constructed on the gold chain. Feel Style has been making gold chain and link necklaces since 2009. Our Vision – Leading a new trend of youth life!

What are the different link styles?

The GLD store sells classic gold chain link necklaces in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Gold chain jewelry is made up of chain links, making the piece both flexible and durable. Below is a linked list of essential gold chains you need for your everyday wardrobe.

Miami Cuban Link

This is a typical gold chain with a bold look. The Miami Cuban links are round and interlock to lay flat and close together, making the Miami Cuban one of the strongest links in gold chains. The Miami Cuban was wildly popular in the 1970s and quickly became an iconic accessory for Miami’s luxurious lifestyle. If you’re asking which type of chain is the shiniest, the Miami Cuban is the perfect gold chain for you. 12MM Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain is a stylish chain design.

Due to its popularity, the craftsmanship of the Cuban chain has evolved from its original standard design to a more sophisticated one.

This improvement strengthens the links, making it one of the most stylish and durable chains in modern jewelry design. The interlocking pattern that reinforces its quality also ensures sturdiness.

Some people also deliberately choose a well-crafted piece, not only because it is stylish, but because it guarantees its long-lasting quality.

12MM Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain

Rope Chain

Rope chains are chains that manipulate small links to avoid drawing attention to their appearance. Instead, they are connected in a twisted fashion, similar to real ropes. The rope chain creates the effect of two twisting together. The rope chain is made of gold threads that are intertwined to form a braided “rope” design. They are made of oval-shaped links that connect together to create a rope-like effect. Thinner cord chains work great with pendants. If you are looking for a freestanding rope chain, we recommend purchasing a thicker rope chain. Rope chains are sold in yellow, white and rose gold.

3MM Rope Chain Gold

Ball Chain

Ball chains consist of metal balls rather than open links. They are arranged at regular intervals with connectors next to each other. These spheres or spheres can be solid or hollow to reduce weight. Ball chains have round beads secured along the chain with a distance between each bead, or more popularly strung together with a small space in between (as shown). Popular for pendants. Feel Style elevates the ball chain design with hand-set gemstones.

Iced Ball Chain in White Gold

Cable chain

Cable links are usually oval, but can also be round. A cable chain is a chain with symmetrical links and uniform width and thickness. This can also be called a “trace chain” and the links can be very granular. Cable chains are the simplest and most commonly used chains. It can be worn with pendants or charms. Cable chains are connected by round or oval links. This is a great option if you want your charm or pendant to stand out more than the chain. Cable chains are delicate and durable.

Cable chain

Figaro Chain

A Figaro chain is a piece of jewelry that has an elongated oval link after 2-4 regular links. These can also be personalised by adding pendants such as crosses or gems, depending on your personal style. These are popular among both men and women, but are mostly worn by men. The Figaro chain is one of the most popular of the different types of chains. It is a pretty simple design, yet it is fancier than a cable chain. Figaro chains were first created in Italy. According to some, the Figaro chain was created after the two male protagonists of the classic operas “The Barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro”. The two men were very famous in the 18th century and reportedly inspired the creation of the Figaro Chain. The chain consists of alternating designs of flat links of different sizes. Typically, a design pattern is one long flat link followed by two or three shorter flat links. Two or three shorter links are the same size. This gives it a uniform design across the entire length of the chain.

3MM 1:3 Figaro Chain

Box Chain

Box chains are as the name suggest, “boxy”. They have square links instead of the typical round links you see in the other different types of chains. This gives each link the appearance of being a small box.

A box chain consists of a series of cubic links, sometimes referred to as a “Venice chain”. It is made from round wire, which is then flattened and formed into a series of box-like shapes.

Box chains are also known as square chains, Briolette chains or Venetian chains. As the name suggests, these chains are forged from square or box-shaped wire. Each box is perfectly cut into four equal sides and has a flat, shiny finish. A single box is connected on both sides with squares of the same shape, creating a perfectly symmetrical chain. When the boxes are lined up, they sparkle like a shimmering river of silver or gold.

2MM Gold Box Chain

Snake Chain

The name “snake chain” is very meaningful for this type of chain because it resembles the body of a snake. Due to its flexibility, it can actually move like a snake too.

A serpentine chain consists of a series of small rings (plates or belts) that are tightly connected to form a continuous smooth smooth chain. The rings are so tightly intertwined that you can only notice them when you’re close.

The texture of the snake chain is nice and the overall look is very nice and elegant. They are a great choice for pendants. A snake chain with pendant is a charming necklace.

3 MM Snake Chain

Mariner Chain

The Mariner chain is also known as the Anchor chain because it has a strong connection (pun intended) to the chain used for the anchor. Inspired by the nautical realm, sailor chains are a great choice for anyone who loves the sea and anyone who wants a sturdy and durable necklace chain.

Sailor chains consist of interlocking oval-shaped links with their centers directly below. It gives this chain a unique look and is aesthetically pleasing.

Historically, sailor chains have been flat, but recently, there has been a new trend in sailor chains and they are known as puffed sailor chains.

The last genre became popular from the mid-2000s, when some famous hip-hop artists wore these chains in their music videos and appeared on magazine covers to show off the stuff. These types are stunning accessories that stand out when worn alone.

Like ropes, curbs, and box chains, sailors look strong but also look great when paired with pendants.

Gold Mariner Chain

What is the strongest link of the gold chain?

If your criteria for gold chains are strength and durability. Note that interlocking links without bend points will be strong as they will not bend when folded. Thickness is also an important factor. Thicker chains are more durable due to their higher gold content. Cubans, Cable Chains, Rope Chains are all different types of strong chain links.

For more information on chain link necklaces from Feel Style, visit our Gold Chains category and browse the collection.

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