Jewelry Manufacturing in China | Top 10 Jewelry Factory Cities

Nowadays, diamonds, gold, pearl, and jade are deeply loved by people. In China, the concentrated production area of jewelry materials and the production base of jewelry processing are developing rapidly.

Fuxin, Liaoning – China’s Agate Capital

Fuxin is China’s main agate-producing area and is rich in agate resources. Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County shijiazi agate wholesale market and Fuxin Agate Gem City boutique market, agate inlay technology has been deeply developed, gorgeous color, also attracted a lot of domestic and foreign merchants.

Fuxin, Liaoning

Donghai, Jiangsu — Crystal Capital of China

The East China Sea, crystal reserves of 300,000 tons, silicon content as high as 99.99%, reserves and quality are ranked the first in the country, known as the “East China Sea crystal world” reputation, Crystal material is very popular among European and American customers, especially the design and inspiration of Swarovski, which makes crystal jewelry sublime again. The in-depth development and design of crystals in China also follow the footsteps of fashion and are cheap and fine in quality.

Donghai, Jiangsu

Qingdao Chengyang——China Jewelry Production Base

Qingdao Chengyang is the largest professional jewelry market in northern China, processing, and trading, especially in the fashion of Japanese and Korean jewelry, has a lot of front-end leadership, the technology level is constantly improving, and it has an important position in the fashion jewelry industry.

qingdao Chengyang

Suzhou Xiangcheng——China Pearl Industry Base

Weitang Pearl City, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, pearl products are exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, Russia, India, Canada, and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other regions.

Suzhou Xiangcheng

Zhuji, Zhejiang – the Hometown of Pearls in China

Zhuji’s freshwater pearl culture accounts for 80% of the country’s total output and has become China’s largest processing and trading base. Zhuji has the largest professional market for pearls and pearl jewelry in the country, which is called “the hometown of pearls in China”. The grades and prices of pearls are also high and low, providing a good choice for many customers who like DIY.

Zhuji, Zhejiang

Putian, Fujian – China’s Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Base

Putian jewelry is proficient in craftsmanship, has a wide variety and complete categories, and enjoys a high reputation abroad. Putian jewelry enterprises provide supply support for European and American customers and have a pivotal position in the country.

Putian, Fujian

Huadu Guangzhou — The Jewelry Capital of China

Huadu jewelry industry brings together diamond, gold and silver, crystal, semi-precious stones, pearls, agate, jade, and other professional production enterprises from all over the world, and has become an important jewelry production and processing base, raw material distribution center, and international information exchange center in South China. At present, Huadu is one of the regions with the most concentrated jewelry industry clusters in the country. And the most important processing capacity has a high standard in Guangzhou. As one of the local jewelry companies, combining more materials and processing manufacturers is our guarantee to provide customers with faster, newer, and better services.


Panyu, Guangzhou – World Jewelry Industry Base

The Panyu jewelry processing industry has become the leading jewelry processing and manufacturing base in China and even in Southeast Asia. At present, the annual processing volume and export volume of Panyu jewelry ranks first in the country, The annual use of colored gemstones exceeds 70 tons, making Panyu an important jewelry industry base in the world. About 95% of Hong Kong jewelry brand products are “Made in Panyu”. Many of our company’s employees come from Panyu’s jewelry counterparts, and their craftsmanship and craftsmanship have reached the first-class level.

Panyu, Guangzhou

Luohu Shenzhen – Gold Jewelry Industry Gathering Place

Luohu district of Shenzhen is the base of the gold and jewelry industry, The transaction volume of gold and jewelry accounts for 70% of the domestic market share. Luohu has formed a jewelry industry chain and is the first choice for domestic and foreign jewelry merchants to purchase, process and trade.

Luohu Shenzhen

Wuzhou, Guangxi — The World’s Capital of Artificial Gems

Wuzhou, known as “Little Hong Kong”, has trade relations with more than 130 countries and regions in the world. Wuzhou mainly processes artificial gemstones mainly composed of cubic zirconia. Its annual output accounts for about 80% of China’s and 70% of the worlds. It is currently the world’s largest artificial gemstone processing and distribution center. We have also developed a lot of artificial gemstone chain products, please pay attention to our new product release.

Wuzhou, Guangxi
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