Beginner’s Guide to Start a Hip Hop Jewelry Business on Amazon

More than 29 million people purchased jewelry online daily last year. So buying and selling jewelry online is big business and can be hugely lucrative! Hip Hop Jewelry is one of the hot-selling types of jewelry.

In states like these, however, definitely, the competition is huge. Not to worry though! We’re here to provide you with an expert guide to get you on the right track.

Ready to start your Hip Hop Jewelry business online? Let’s dive in!

Apply a Shop on Amazon

Now you’re ready to create your Amazon Seller Account. To complete your account setup, the following issues will be needed:

Your Business Name

This is the name that will be visible to customers in the Amazon Marketplace.

Your Legal Name and Address

If you are a registered company, it is important to use the real name and address for that you are registered.

Contact Information for Amazon and Customers

Amazon will use this information to contact you with order notifications, Guarantee Claim notifications, and service and technical updates. Customers will use your customer contact information to reach out with questions about your orders. Contacts for Amazon and customers can be the same or separate if you have a dedicated customer service email/telephone line.

Bank Account Information

Amazon delivers payments for products sold every 14 days directly to your business bank account. Provide your secure bank account and routing information under the Seller Central settings window to receive Amazon Payments.

Shipping Options

There are FBA and FBM two main distribution modes in Amazon, and different modes lead to different costs. FBA is when Amazon delivers it for you. Send the product to Amazon’s overseas warehouse in advance, and Amazon will help you solve the packing, distribution, return, and consultation after the subsequent order issuance. The FBA service is not free, but requires amazon to pay for storage and delivery. FBM refers to delivery by the seller himself. Amazon is only used as the sales platform, and the seller is responsible for the inventory, packaging, distribution, and customers of the products. So how to make the choice? If you have no experience and no money, you can do FBM first to accumulate experience, and then you can turn the products with good performance into FBA. FBA and FBM can be made at the same time. If you have funds, of course, it is better to send FBA. Both FBA and FBM can be ordered, depending on your own situation and skills.

Choose Goods Carefully and Upload the Product

newest hip hop jewelry

Do some research on Hip Hop Jewelry supplier resources, select the styles, and design product lines according to market demand. Selection, cost accounting, pricing, less batch stock, consider outsourcing business, pictures, videos and other links, inspection, etc. Learn about hip-hop accessories, trade shows, magazines, videos, and celebrity players, and keep abreast of fashion trends.

To upload the product, skills in basic and advanced, image processing, video editing, and some knowledge of advertising and product packaging will be required which can help buyers know your goods better, and make your shop more attractive.

How to Increase the Sales

We have registered the store, uploaded the product, and selected the logistics. Now let’s think about how to get more orders. There are some tips you may need.

Please refer to the following formula

Product sales = product exposure x product conversion rate No matter how good the product is, no one can see it, so no one will buy it.No matter how many people see the product, the product quality is not good, the purchase of people will be very. Considering these two aspects, here are some tips for how to get more exposure for your product.

  • Improve your product rankings and get more natural search traffic
  • Attend Amazon promotions and get traffic
  • Pay for promotion and pay for exposure
  • External promotion, you can do anything with Internet celebrities

Know More Rules About Amazon

10 tips on how to sell successfully on Amazon

Make Sure the Accuracy of your Goods

Describe your goods with accurate words, and provide customers with enough details to know this item. Meanwhile, state all the information clearly and easily to understand for buyers like using some pics and videos.

Check Orders Every day

In order to deliver quickly, you need to receive orders in a timely manner. It is recommended that you check your orders on Seller Central every day. Under the order link, you can view the order list and set it automatically in Seller Central to get your order report.

Confirm Delivery Time

Amazon charges the buyer’s credit card only after the seller confirms the shipment. After the order is placed, the seller is responsible for the delivery. Confirm delivery within the delivery time (two working days by default). You can confirm by clicking the shipping confirmation button in the order link.

Check Inventory Regularly

Always keep an eye on your inventory levels, especially in multi-channel sales. If a customer places an order and the item is not in stock. It’s easy to get a bad review. If this happens, it is best to notify the buyer immediately and make appropriate compensation if necessary.

Ensure Accurate Pricing

The “More Buy Options” page shows the lowest-priced items first. Amazon buyers always look for the best price and tend to buy.

Strictly Follow Your Delivery and Logistics Commitments

The best way to avoid customer disappointment is to set expectations and then meet them. Make it clear to customers when you are formulating your delivery policy. Find out how often orders and shipments are processed, which logistics company you use, and how to consult on logistics-related issues. If delivery is delayed or goods. The buyer will be disappointed if the product is damaged, which can lead to a bad review, a refund, or a claim from Amazon for transaction protection. Can have a negative impact on your shop.

Keep In Touch With Your Clients

Keep In Touch With Your Clients

For buyers, not knowing the status of an order is a very annoying thing. To avoid this, sellers need to be as quick as possible. To respond to buyers and inform them of any logistics delays. In addition, sellers also need to make sure that customers can easily contact them. Customers to create a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience.

Maintain Good Reviews

Customers pay a lot of attention to feedback from other buyers, and we pay close attention to the performance of sellers. We found the key to good reviews. It’s about accurately describing the product, delivering it quickly, and responding quickly to buyers’ questions. You can also ask for customer feedback on the packing list.

To Settle Down the Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds Properly

All sellers do not want to have an exchange or refund, but this is an unavoidable problem, and Amazon’s sales process also requires sellers to cooperate. Better customer feedback comes from returns and exchanges. The return or exchange period for most goods is 30 days after delivery (for more information, please see seller’s Agreement).

Familiar with Seller Platform Tools and Policies

You are advised to be aware of all Seller Central’s tools, legal agreements, and our other policies. If you have any questions, You can click on the help link in the upper right corner of the Seller Central page.

Now, do you have an idea on how to start your Hip Hop Jewelry business on Amazon?

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