Hip Hop Jewelry Sizing Guide

This size guide is only for your reference as sizing and fit may vary from person to person

chain size

Standard Necklace Sizes

18″ Chain

Close to the bottom of the neck, the shorter length belongs to the Cuban chain, even the wider zircon Cuban chain, can be worn with the crew neck T-shirt.

20″ Chain

In place of the collarbone, it is a regular men’s size, paired with a pendant, especially a pendant with an exclusive logo or a designer pendant. Works well with a V-neck T-shirt.

22″ Chain

A few feet below the collarbone, it is more suitable to be worn on the outside of the clothing, and the pendant selected should be made of zircon or moissanite, which is shinier, to highlight the temperament.

24″ Chain

Extra-long size, worn with religious and totem and other commemorative pendants, close to the heart. It means to protect with heart.


To choose the right size of your bracelet just measure your wrist and choose the size of the bracelet below:

Step 1: Find any string/wire and a ruler.
Step 2: Wrap the string/wire around your wrist and pinch where the ends connect.
Step 3: Place the measured string/wire next to a ruler and you will see your wrist size.


The String Test

The Paper Test

The Secret Test


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