Most Popular Hip Hop Earrings For Women In 2022

Earrings have always been an important part of women’s accessories, and in terms of style, it can show the personality of women. Simple earrings, suitable for office workers and professional women, embellish clothing and sparkle workplace. Pendant earrings and huge earrings can be worn with evening dress and hair to attract attention at feasts and parties. The exaggerated and shimmering 18K and CZ stone craftsmanship will make you shine even more at night bars and dances. FEEL STYLE offers both classic and novel styles in each of these styles, as well as a selection of custom named earrings.

1,Stud Earrings

If you like simple and concise style, stud earrings can be your choice. The color can be gold or silver, the shape can be square or round, the material can be 925 or copper, of course, also can be 14K or 18K REAL GOLD. Career women focus more on quality. FEEL STYLE has updated the product process for women’s earrings to ensure a comfortable wearing. The diamonds are firmly inlaid by hand and glue bonding is not allowed.

2,Hoop Earrings

If you don’t have a couple of earrings in your jewelry box, whether it’s hip-hop or Bohemian, it’s an indispensable part of the earrings. Because when you attend parties and balls, you need evening dress, at this time, ear rings are appropriate. FEEL STYLE designs some of the most popular pendant earrings, including oval, monogrammed, cross and full zircon earrings.

3,Dangle Earrings

In the way of wearing, you can choose to wear them on top of each other, such as ear stud and dangle earrings. A full zircon stud with a full zircon earring is also a popular method. FEEL STYLE sells the styles selected by customers in combination packaging to enhance customer satisfaction and experience, while enriching the product.

4,Custom Earrings

If you want to highlight your personality, the best way is to wear earrings with your own LOGO and name. Therefore, customized earrings are made to meet the needs of such consumers.

FEEL STYLE has set up a special production line in the customization process to provide customized customers with consignment. Personalized customization can choose the style, add the customer’s name, letters, gems, and packaging can be made into a gift box, printed with the customer’s message.

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