How to Promote Your Online Hip Hop Jewelry Business

E-commerce sellers promote their Hip Hop Jewelry business methods

Jewelry Product

In e-commerce, the primary is a product, price advantage, novel style, stable quality, rapid delivery, and after-sales service. If a supplier can comprehensively balance the above dimensions, it will give great support to the seller.


Inventory is also one of the important links of e-commerce. Reasonable stock preparation ensures stable sales and timely delivery so that consumers can receive goods as soon as possible and give an evaluation, which can significantly promote sales and increase transaction volume. More importantly, shortening the delivery time is one of the most important indicators of e-commerce. Therefore, inventory is particularly important. How to do stock preparation and inventory? We can provide a complete stock plan for merchants. It can be seen from the ERP system in the customer’s warehouse, transportation, and production line in the early stage, so as to ensure a reasonable stock quantity of goods. More importantly, for customers, we can consider preparing some blank inventory of explosive products in the factory to shorten the production time, so as to improve the response to sudden explosive orders. Timely delivery.

Delivery Time

Logistics and stable delivery time are safety indicators of e-commerce. If your logistics channel often loses shipments, delays, and other phenomena, it will give sales under a lot of pressure. Therefore, we build channels for customers in many aspects. For example, we can use DHL to make sudden replenishment and solve problems. We can use cloud registration, which takes a little longer, but we can also ensure that we can arrive in major cities in Europe and America within 7 working days. Letters are traceable. Air transportation is the main mode of transportation. We strictly control the transportation price, so that customers can receive goods without worry and order delivery is smooth. This is also important work for us to continuously win customers.

Product Updating

Innovation and product updating are the key points for e-commerce to maintain traffic and keep up with fashion. Our factory can actively recommend new products to customers according to fashion trends, with an average of 100 new items per month. At the same time, for the new goods creation of old customers, we can provide free samples and continuously optimize them, because we believe that customers are the most sensitive to the market. We should cooperate with customers, race against time, seize the popular trend and not fall behind. At the same time, consider the cost of customer products, and save costs for customers in the factory.

Product Materials

Product materials. It is conceivable that e-commerce requires pictures and ornaments. Therefore, our factory has a special design team, which can produce drawings, including main drawings, A+, model drawings, and scene drawings. For customers’ development styles, if we need to make videos, we can also provide video materials to help customers polish the pictures and materials before sales. The goods will be put on the shelves soon, so we can pre-sell them in advance, In addition, we can also provide watermark pictures and videos for independent stations of customers. Of course, we have to charge some fees. The pricing is based on the capacity of pictures and videos. I believe our charges are reasonable and very low. If you are interested, please refer to the pictures and videos that we provide to Amazon customers.

One-Stop Service

Factory to consumer one-stop service. If you are an e-commerce customer who is an independent station, you will find that the delivery mode of our factory directly to consumers is an upgraded version of the current drop shipping. We add customized styles to consumers, that is, buyers can increase their customization points through your independent station, such as color selection, length, carved text, letter splicing, etc, Just like the customization of Amazon and Etsy, we can complete an order in only 15 working days from production to delivery through fast delivery ways.

If you want to know more about our specific plans to support e-commerce business, you can send emails to us. Our demo PPT and the specific case will be shared and passed to you.

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