How to Order Your First Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry Sample from China?

Differences between New and Old Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesalers in carrying out Sample Work

Firstly, if you are a newcomer to the Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry industry, the first priority is to find a Chinese supplier who can provide samples. How to get the Hip Hop Jewelry samples from suppliers of China? I hope the following eight points can give you some suggestions.
Second, if you are an experienced Hip Hop jewelry wholesaler, you should have a strong supply chain system and will constantly explore more new factories to enrich your product line. So it’s critical to be sensitive to new products in the industry.

What is the Preparation Work for Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesalers to carry out Sample Collection?

  1. Platform Path
    Find factories that provide samples from the platform, such as Alibaba, Google, MADE IN CHINA, 1688 and other Hip Hop Jewelry suppliers that can provide samples for free. Or there are many Hip Hop Jewelry suppliers who do not charge for samples, but only charge for express delivery.
  2. Search for Hip Hop Jewelry Suppliers
    From the brand and trademark, find the manufacturer, and then search for the supplier’s contact information from the platform, send emails, and check samples after inquiries. A large-scale and branded Hip Hop Jewelry supplier also has a high level of sample design capabilities. This shows from the side that this supplier has brand awareness, and design samples have become the content of cycle construction.
  3. Review of the items catalog
    By docking with the supplier’s product catalog, we can judge whether the product we want to develop can be developed and sampled in this factory. Because the supplier’s sample booklet will definitely show the styles designed by the factory and the capacity of the factory, so as to understand the construction level of the factory in terms of fashion trends and product capabilities, so as to avoid wasting time.

What are the Precautions for Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesalers to Confirm the Sample Purchase?

  1. Process Flow
    Ask the supplier to provide the sample process flow, so as to understand the process and production capacity, machinery and equipment, and the level of designers. Evaluate supplier’s production process and process from a professional accessories perspective. The introduction of the process flow can analyze and evaluate the supplier’s capability from details, and can also see the design level and process combination ability as well as the design understanding ability of customers.
  2. Sample List Reminder
    When placing the sample order, please pay attention to the details of the connection, the time of sample delivery, the way of delivery and the cost list. Both parties shall sign the sample order and keep the additional design draft and sample safe and confidential to avoid design loss and misuse.

What Additional Value can Jewelry Wholesalers Obtain through Sample Work?

  1. OEM
    If you want to design samples according to your products or pictures, you can provide your samples to the factory, or your pictures, which can be design drafts or Instagram photos. The design team of FEEL STYLE will provide you with the whole process from pictures to samples. And give your advice on how much to build and how much to cost, and try to reach your target price.
  2. Packaging Link
    The packaging of the product is also the main point that Hip Hop Jewelry wholesalers pay more attention to, so in the communication link of the sample, please be sure to consider the design ability of packaging. A good supplier will not be poor in packaging. Suppliers who have cooperated with many brands will provide you with many options in packaging.
  3. Safety Clause
    Design safety, for the safety of the design draft of new products, I would like to remind everyone that in the process of looking for cooperative suppliers, please be sure to investigate the scale of the factory and the management method of sample design drafts, as well as the safety guarantee for the customer’s design, so as to avoid the design being compromised. In case of misappropriation, it is best to form a non-disclosure agreement, so that intellectual property rights can be guaranteed to a certain extent. FEEL STYLE will sign a design security agreement with the customer who provides the design draft, covering the retention and delivery terms of the design draft and samples.

FEEL STYLE connected many Hip Hop Jewelry hot selling customers already, They will send the project by PDF to us. We output the design by 3D machine and handmade in samples show. Welcome you to sending the new project to us. We will keep the safe for the designs. And do the samples free to save your cost .

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