How to Increase Jewelry Online Sales During the Epidemic

As we all know, everything is affected by the epidemic, both our life and economy are changing imperceptibly, but everything is like a double-edged sword with two sides, while facing challenges, we are also facing opportunities, therefore, the jewelry market is also changing quietly.

During the epidemic period, people spend more time at home and prefer to socialize on the Internet, and more consumers wanted to wear more personalized jewelry, especially customized jewelry. Now customized exclusive jewelry service of Amazon and ESTY has gradually matured, the goods are richer, and there are more and more customized elements.

During the COVID-19 period, according to the public opinion survey, 60% of consumers prefer to go to the store and 28% buy online. If the delivery and after-sale service can be improved, there is no doubt about the proportion of online sales will be higher.

Through the change of materials, it can provide more material accessories for customers to choose from. Of course, high quality can highlight the texture of items. For example, the technology of copper inlaid diamond, such as 925 silver with birthstone, or the change of full diamond and zircon series, all can improve the texture of products and improve sales.

Jewelry Online Sales

Building an independent website, doing retail websites and brand stores is the trend of the next wave of jewelry sales. The online fashion blogger’s wearing will set off a greater fever and leading more followers. More hip-hop players pay more attention to the star effect and blogger’s recommendations. Therefore, independent websites, stars, and brand alliances will bring more far-reaching marketing purposes.

The advantage of advertising for products is obvious to all. In the sales of hip-hop accessories, advertisement has a profound influence. For example, in magazines, product evaluation of video platforms, the professional introduction of fashionistas, and the market of Amazon platform, online sales will be increased. Of course, the costs and benefits of advertising need to be carefully calculated and operated for a long time.

According to the survey data, staying at home doesn’t reduce people’s willingness to wear jewelry. On the contrary, more people increase the idea of wearing and matching jewelry, because they have more time to take out their jewelry and do the new collocation. Actually, ordinary times affect the frequency of using jewelry, so when people stay at home, more consumers begin to consider buying rare styles and customized jewelry.

To sum up, the sales volume and design of our factory were not affected during the epidemic period. We have been developing and updating. In the future, we will keep innovating and updating new styles, so if you want more information, you can contact us at any time.

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