How to improve the efficiency of sourcing Hip Hop Chains in China

Hip-hop culture began to mature gradually in the United States, and the hip-hop jewelry factories in the United States were also much earlier than in China. But why do global sellers like to customize hip-hop jewelry in China?
After the hip-hop culture spread to China 10 years ago, the Chinese have gradually come into contact with hip-hop jewelry. After that, there were also hip-hop jewelry factories in China. After several years of exploration and improvement, the production technology of domestic hip-hop jewelry has become more and more mature, and the production scale has become larger and larger. A factory with more than 100 people can produce an average of 200,000 pieces of hip-hop jewelry per month. However, some smaller developing countries still do not have the technology to produce hip-hop jewelry, so local distributors only come to China to order hip-hop jewelry. On the other hand, like the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., they originally have good hip-hop jewelry factories, but their production costs are very high, more than twice that of China. So in order to gain a price advantage, they also have to come to China to purchase hip-hop jewelry.

Introduction of Chinese Hip Hop Necklace Market

In recent years, hip-hop culture has become popular all over the world, and a pair of sunglasses and a big gold chain have become a fashion symbol. Many accessories of European and American rappers come from China. Among them, the large gold zircon chain is the most popular.Many manufacturers in Guangdong, China value this product. Vigorously research production technology. By now the technology has matured. The Cuban chains produced are inexpensive and of excellent quality.

Hip Hop Product Category

The popular hip-hop jewelry includes bracelets, ear studs, rings and large gold chains that everyone is very familiar with, and even “hip-hop big gold teeth” that respond to overseas fashion. Complete variety.
And if you want to buy a hip-hop chain full of diamonds, the general price is around $80-$500.
Currently, hip-hop jewelry such as big gold chains made in Guangdong, China, are priced at $5 – $30. Of course, the price of these hip-hop gold chains has difference in material.

Hip Hop Product Material

Chinese hip-hop jewelry is mainly exported to Europe and the United States. There are also markets in some countries in South America and Africa. And the materials used by hip-hop in each country will also be different. Usually brass and 925 silver metal materials are more popular in Europe and America. Alloy material is preferred by people in South America and Africa.

How to Pick the Right Hip Hop Products

The color retention time of alloy jewelry will be shorter. But it’s cheap. Very popular in the African market.
Copper and zircon, silver and moissanite products are very popular in the European and American markets. Good quality but slightly higher price.
Choose the right product according to your market.

How to buy and where to buy

We are a hip hop factory in Guangzhou, China. 15 years of production experience. Been working on hip hop jewelry for 5 years. We support OEM/ODM. 3d design confirmation can be provided before production. Currently our customers have very good sales in Europe, North and South America. And we have a huge selection of existing hot designs for you to choose from.

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