How to Find Low MOQ Hip Hop Jewelry Supplier?

What is the MOQ? It’s Minimum order Quantity.

Why We need to order minimum quantity?Because we need to try and test the quality for the new items.

How to find Low MOQ Hip hop jewelry Supplier? Hope below points can help you.

Core Products

Regular products of the factory which have constantly orders in their production lines generally are also the supplier’s core products, even are treated as their competitive products, or even as the product’s supplier long-term sales of staple products. Such products are not having too high starting order; even you can get small quantity products to sale first. So we need to ask the supplier: what are your main products? What are the hot products? What are the products being developed at this stage? From there, we can find a factory that is consistent with our own product positioning and continue to communicate with them to make a decision.
FEEL STYLE mainly produces hip-hop jewelry necklaces – Cuban chains, Pendants – large size, full of Zircon with inlay process.

Customization Capability

The factory has strong product development capabilities and a professional development process. It is believed that the low starting order is to help customers to try the products and reduce the pressure of stocking, so the supplier should has the development capability; increase the factory’s flexible customization capability without affecting the production of large volume goods. Only the factory has such a production line can deal with low starting order customers. Now a large number of factories in China are starting to take the idea of flexible customization and cooperating with more e-commerce customers and retail store customers. They help customers reduce inventory and stocking pressure, and increase capital utilization and turnover. So we can be considered to match factories with flexible tailoring and strong product development capabilities.
FEEL STYLE provides flexible customization service for many customers, the number of orders per batch is controlled within 100-200PCS, and the cost of opening new products can be refunded to customers after subsequent orders are generated.

Rich Variety of Products

Factories have a wide range of products and customer types (many products have a stock of basic accessories). Such suppliers must have been established for a longer time, precipitated lots of various style products, also have a lot of customers, such as wholesalers, retail, e-commerce, etc.. They are likely to have produced a lot of products with popular styles or hot styles. So their basic accessories and blanks are more abundant. The starting order quantity of some products is also naturally not very high, because the reuse of their basic accessories and blanks, the cost is also not very high. So to start from a factory’s product richness, looking for our favorite type of products. Carry out pre-test orders, and proofing work. FEEL STYLE provides customization services for several professional hip-hop wholesalers, open molds, small batch customization and other services. We have precipitated many types of products, and also stocked basic models of blanks for a long time so that the delivery time of customers’ orders is shortened, and the cost of proofing for new customers is reduced. Welcome to discuss and purchase.

Professional Products

Learn about the factory’s core products. Core products have strong production, fast shipping and other characteristics, also have long-term stocking. So to find products with low starting order, we must know which the factory’s core products are, Are they be necklaces or pendants, or rings, etc.. It is also a good idea to focus on one factory’s one product.

Drop Shipping

If you are an e-commerce, Amazon or jewelry website platform seller, you can consider searching for suppliers or factories that can provide DROP SHIPPING to purchase goods to reduce inventory and stocking. FEEL STYLE provides DROP SHIPPING service, if you need, you can contact us.

New Products

If you are a wholesaler, it is very important for expanding your product line, increasing your merchandise richness and starting looking for new products with low starting order quantity. You can consider sellers from Amazon or ETSY, some of these sellers also have production capacity, and relatively low start order quantity. And such factories have better understand in product positioning and production process. Wholesale customers are also the target customers of such sellers.

FEEL STYLE, specializing in hip-hop jewelry (necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets). We customize and jointly stock for professional customers to reduce their stocking pressure. Besides, we provide DROP SHIPPING service, with a special assembly line to provide flexible customization services. We focus on the product and more on the customer’s experience.

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