How to Become a Fashion Jewelry Distributor in 2022

In such a world that is changing rapidly, if you want to be a seller of popular fashion products with good performance, it is not easy. And it’s going to be a long and lasting job.

Here, we will share with you some of our development history and the experience of growing with customers, hoping that you can avoid detours in the field of jewelry sales.

Before you start the jewelry distribution business, please consider the following aspects of problems and resources, and this perspective is also suitable for the preparation of other product businesses.

Research the Market

First, research the market and get your consumer portraits, like what they like and pay attention to, This is the first factor we put into product development. Of course, if your product design leads the market, your brand is powerful enough to keep consumers waiting. That’s easy. However, the speed of iteration and update of fashion jewelry is breakneck. We still need to focus on consumers and collect the fashion, colors, totems, elements, and concepts of the target market. Even a story, with its characters and tokens, could be our breakthrough. Therefore, information comes from consumers. We are the emissary of materialization, transforming the products we look forward to. After buying and wearing them, we can complete the sustenance and comprehension of our hearts. This is also the essence of jewelry.

Consumer Needs

Consumer needs, or pain points. This is what we need to listen to. For example, women’s demand for hip hop jewelry. In general, we always think most of the hip-hop players are men so more products with a thick line, and large size are given priority, but women players are a big audience too, then we consider both elements of hip hop, and where it should be shown like inlaid on the fine products. So there are more options for female friends. For example, we designed a cross full of diamonds, matched with a 3MM tennis chain, plus some birthday stones embellished. It looks very nice on a girl. It also has birthday significance and is a unique gift for friends.

Develop High-quality Products

Before launching the product, it is suggested to focus on one class of customers, develop high-quality products, and then expand to other product styles. Because the opening of sales channels, market testing, and product testing all need time and customer feedback. If you start with a lot of products, the process will become confusing and the problems will become less prominent. If we focus on the necklace with a classical crystal inlaid pendant, the corresponding problems will be focused on, and customers will also give feedback on the style they like. We believe that the second generation of products will have good sales data and help the subsequent development of new products and boost your confidence.

Deeply Analyze

Deeply analyze the product and sales data of peers. It is not suggested to imitate or copy, but to differentiate, make up some gaps, or improve the quality of products. Figure out where you want to be. If you’re going to start distributing accessories, do you want to go high quality, high price, or generic, low price? This is the first level of positioning. Then if your positioning is high, what valuable products and services can you justify your price? As opposed to verbal Shouting? So it is very important to be consistent. So we carry out customized popular jewelry services, is to go unique, high quality, to give priority to the consumer’s demands, We deeply cultivate the process, to manual technology. In order to achieve the goal that meeting the needs of every consumer, of course, the buyers will pay a high price to achieve their goal. If you want to know more about the features of our customized products. Please send an email, we will give you a detailed introduction.

Make your Business Mode Clear

Make your business mode clear. That is, choosing to be a wholesaler or a retailer, is to develop a physical sample room or a retail store. Or directly choose the platform to go online sales, that is, e-commerce. Of course, all these should be analyzed through their own resources and capabilities. If your supply chain can only provide order-style services, then you are better off doing wholesale. If your supply and design are more efficient, then you can go to e-commerce, small-batch, and multiple batches of products on the shelf. If you have local resources and sales teams, or brand influence, you can do franchises and retail stores. In short, choose your adept business mode, which helps your work be done with half effort.

Core Competitiveness for Your Product

On the product of this dimension, please be sure to create some core competitiveness for your product. As long as you found the core of your product, this will become the focus of your business, you can do lots of work on the basis of this product series, such as hip-hop chain, can change a lot, but there are many product dimensions, not only just price, also can be design, stone quality, Combination and collocation, and even process upgrading. Only a clear focus can help your business get more branches. Blindly jumping on the bandwagon may not be suitable for early development.

Quality Control

The foundation of business lies in quality control, quality includes product quality, return and exchange of goods after the sale, as well as the authenticity of the information, cheating is absolutely not allowed, and promises should be fulfilled, even if some consumers currently encountered problems that we are not responsible for, we can also help them solve it. There was once a buyer who bought a gem necklace. The confirmed color was blue at that time, but after receiving the goods, her family did not like the color, and she was honest enough so we try to find a new product from the stock and send it to her. Of course, I also charged some logistics fees and basic processing fees and did the replacement work.  To focus on the consumer’s every move from each sales link, most importantly, the after-sales work. This is the best way to make our truth come out, a perfect after-sales.

Build a Team

To build a team, distribute accessories, and establish a good business model is to select the corresponding talents for sales, operation, after-sales, and procurement. Everyone should have the same idea. Keep ideas flowing. For example, in procurement, it is necessary to clarify the positioning of the product, if it is a high-end product, the procurement of the best of the best, quality standards, the price is more reasonable. This is the best way to give back to the customer.


Finally, it is concluded that operation is a multi-link and multi-plate work, which requires a deep understanding and research with process thinking in order to reflect and optimize and sum up the experience in the long-term operation process. Finally, I hope we can make a plan, and then constantly optimize the plan. Believe that these basic experiences and sharing can give you a lot of inspiration. We also collect a lot of customer comments about us. If you want to be a good dealer. You can have in-depth communication with us. Looking forward to your email.

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