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Feel Style Factory Custom Process

Feel Style takes the state of the art manufacturing techniques to deliver you a higher quality hip hop jewelry efficiently to cut costs. Our designer will hand custom design with pictures and requirements. We accept OEM orders and private customization. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you need.

1.Design Sketch

2.Floor Plan

3.CAD Modeling

4.C4D Rendering



7.Quality Inspection



The jewelry designer draws the image that has been conceived in the concept, Firstly they draw the sketch. The initial design sketch is designed and modified according to the customer’s request or the picture provided by the customer.

Then use the drawing software on the computer to draw the sketch to the exact size, taking into account the dimensions such as outline, inner line, inlaid stone, and so on.

Because in the post-production process, the loss of the product will cause the product size to become smaller, the size of the CAD drawing is larger than the size of the design drawing, about 5% (reserved shrinkage level). So it is necessary to accurately grasp the shrinkage factor of each process to control the shrinkage level.
It takes about 3 hours to make a CAD drawing. During this period, we will also communicate with customers several times to understand their needs.

The graphic design is completed. In order to make customers to see more intuitive effects, we use CAD to render the design in 3D, and add various colors, such as gold, rose gold, or black, as well as stones of different colors, so that the product can be visually seen before production, then can be confirmed by the customer in advance, just like a model house. Customers can also choose color, stone, diamond, gemstone, and metal material according to their preferences.

The production of samples needs to go through all the processes. First, use 3D printing technology to print out the wax mold, and then pour the mold to produce the silver version. At this time, workers need to fully consider the subsequent production and shrinkage level, and try to avoid repeated modifications as much as possible. Therefore, this process needs to be more carefully polished, structure, function, rationality of shape design, etc.

After the silver version is completed, it must go through the pressing film to achieve mass production. The quality of the film determines the production of metal parts, so the film process requires a very high level of craftsmanship. After the film is completed, the transformation from wax parts to metal parts can be completed through the wax injection process, wax repair and other processes. The revision process of metal parts is a link between the previous and the next. It solves the problems of sand holes, piercing, deformation, etc., and also prepares for the subsequent inlay, polishing, electroplating and other processes. 

The quality control department checks the products through the testing tools. They check the electroplating, color retention, engraving, and other effects, and they also check the firmness of the stone, the size of the product, the firmness of the inlay, and the accuracy of the customized points.

When packing, first clean and stick plastic film to avoid sweat stains or other things. Customers choose different grades of packaging such as paper boxes, plastic boxes, and gift boxes. Then put it in an anti-collision bag to protect the express delivery.

Finally, the shipping, the documentary staff scans and confirms the order number and customer information, and then sends the express to the customer through sorting. For foreign wholesale customers, we choose small packaging to reduce the weight of the product and make an anti-oxidation barrier inside to ensure the safety of transportation and turnover.

Custom Your Own Jewelry, We Accept Custom One Piece

Custom Hip Hop Chains From Feel Style Factory

We support and are experienced in custom hip hop chains. Our professional design team will begin a 1 VS 1 consultation, and assist you in finding the right design, metal, and stone to achieve a unique dream piece.

When you rock a custom-designed piece of jewelry, it’s an investment both in gold and yourself. Consult with us and you will walk away with an exclusive piece made with you in mind.

Custom Hip Hop Pendants From Feel Style Factory

We support and experienced in big size custom pendants, 3D character pendants, and one-of-kind rings. Our professional design team will begin a 1 VS 1 consultation, and assist you in finding the right design, metal, and stone to achieve a unique dream piece. We use the most advanced 3D printing technology to complete the mold, Bringing your ideas to life.

Custom Hip Hop Rings From Feel Style Factory

Build your collection of jewelry rings by mixing and matching our one of a kind styles with classic diamond statement pieces. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for, and we’ll guide you through the process of creating the perfect piece of jewelry – all online, from the comfort of your home.

Feelstyle Design Team

Carol Koch

Design Director at Charles Garnier

Mahroz Hemati

Lecturer at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Staffordshire Howard Design Awards

China Design Team

3 Designers with More Than 10 Years Design Experience

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