Custom hip hop Jewelry Guide

Nowadays, more and more people pursue individuation. A lot of people are working on customization. They can customize not only in the home environment, but also in clothing and costumes, and even some personal trinkets, such as hip hop Jewelry. So, what do you know about custom hip hop jewelry? What are the steps for customizing hip hop jewelry? What should I pay attention to? Next, I will write a article about custom hip hop jewelry guide, this article tells you the answer.

Custom jewelry measurement is the first step

When customizing hip hop jewelry, the first thing you should do is measure its size. Whether it’s hip hop necklaces or rings and other hip hop jewelry. Under normal circumstances, the factory would advise a bespoke buyer from afar. The buyer just has to follow the instructions provided by the factory. Measure your own size. If you’re buying online. It doesn’t have a physical store to help you measure what to do. You can determine the size of the ring by drawing a circle on the part of the body that needs to be worn using an inelastic cord. The same goes for necklaces and bracelets.

The second step of customizing jewelry – detail communication

After determining the size of the custom jewelry, the next step is to communicate the details of the jewelry style and materials with the factory. Hip-hop jewelry is usually made of alloys, brass and sterling silver. Based on your budget, determine the materials you need. Give your detailed ideas to the factory. For example, you need the dog element. After confirming the details, the factory will make a hand-drawn drawing for you to confirm. Then the factory will start production. If you order wholesale, the factory will produce samples for your confirmation.

What should we pay attention to when customizing hip hop jewelry?

Because of the uniqueness and particularity of customized jewelry, it can be determined that customized jewelry must be foolproof in the initial stage of customization. Both the diameter and details of the jewelry need to be as detailed as possible so as not to cause unnecessary trouble later. Especially in measurement, it should be noted that buyers of different custom jewelry will vary in different seasons and times. The best time to measure is summer and overnight. The last thing you need to tell you is to choose a suitable custom jewelry brand that will bring more meaningful value.

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