China Hip-Hop Jewelry Sourcing Guides

Hip Hop jewelry is still a niche product series in China, with the most popular markets in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and some South American markets. However, because of the development of jewelry production technology in China has made profound progress. With the heat of the market, many factories have opened up the production process line of Hip Hop jewelry. In Guangzhou Panyu, Zhejiang Yiwu, there are many professional Hip Hop jewelry production enterprises. Of course, there are differences in scale and process quality. And that’s what we’re going to ask for today. How to avoid or minimize the losses.

We make a China Hip-Hop Jewelry Sourcing Guides,hope can help you.We have some reminders from the following aspects:


Timeliness of production is an important point in the procurement process. The process of hip hop products is complicated, but timeliness is guaranteed. The production cycle of conventional products is 10-15 days, and the order of dozens of products can be completely completed. The supply speed of FEEL STYLE is guaranteed, because the blank body of regular products is always in stock.

Trade Entity

Define the transaction entity. The subject of the transaction, here remind the purchaser, the subject of both sides of the transaction, must be clear, such as checking the supplier’s corporate and industrial information, as well as the account on the third-party platform.These all can help you verify the real existence of the supplier. We can also use some foreign trade institutions in China to do factory inspection.


The transportation price, like for packages and hip-hop ornaments from China to the United States, most of the purchases are delivered by express delivery due to their small size and high value. DHL and other express companies have standard price. It is published once a month, please note for reference. So that to avoid overcharging for shipping by suppliers.


The product quality, is the best return on investment. Every buyer and seller, want to get the same goods with good quality product as they want, although the price orientation, so that the quality of many products and price is more strongly related. But at the beginning of the purchase, we must make it clear that the quality of the products we want to purchase corresponds to the needs of the customers. Avoid getting high price but cheap quality goods , investment in exchange for unrealistic product quality. So pay attention to communication with photo and video confirmation. Gram weight, inspection video, can be done again early some of the work. Because there are many materials of hip hop jewelry, the inlaying process and stone quality are also very different. For example, the following is a case to tell you.

Payment Term

In the procurement process, payment is the last and most important link. First of all, it is suggested to use the company account for transaction, sign the contract, and check the consistency of the company title and account. Secondly, third-party payment platforms such as Paypal,Payoneer and Alibaba payment can be adopted. A small amount of money can be considered for one-time payment verification in the mode of sample order. Start the next purchase plan as soon as the goods are received.


Why do we say that price can help avoid losses? We should remind everyone to shop around. If the description of the good quality is high while the price is very low ,especially there is big difference between wholesale price and retail price. This indicates that the factory’s pricing is unreasonable, and there may be a risk of non-delivery. So the price must be compared to help you get the right item.

FEEL STYLE jewelry focus quality of goods , and long time business with wholesales customers and more online business clients . we support the design project in our designer team. we support the safe business way in trade cooperation . welcome to make order or inquiry to us .

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