2022 Guide to Finding Quality Chinese Hip Hop Pendents Suppliers

China is a big manufacturing country who has a complete industrial system and has all industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification. China’s manufacturing has been deeply integrated with the global industrial chain. China’s manufacturing industry is unmatched in terms of industrial support, scale advantages, domestic infrastructure and the support of the large market. Next, I will introduce how to find quality Chinese hip hop pendents suppliers.

Q1,How to search Hip Hop Suppliers in China? Inform channel below.

1,Hip Hop jewelry suppliers open the shop in Alibaba to do the wholesales business .
2,Hip Hop jewelry suppliers sales the goods in AliExpress link to do the retails business.
3,Hip Hop jewelry factory building the website and promoted in Google web.
4,Hip Hop jewelry factory to do the directly online business in Ebay or Amazon.
5,Hip Hop jewelry suppliers join the fair of jewelry or Canton Fair also . HK Fair .
6,Jewelry suppliers assembly point in China: Guangzhou Panyu, Zhejiang Yiwu, Guangxi Wuzhou.

You can search for supplier information and websites through Google search keywords. You can search the supplier directory on Alibaba’s website by looking up product information. You can also browse products on retail websites, and contact merchants to seek supplier information after purchasing products, mainly through Amazon, Ebay, ETSY and other platforms. These are online ways to find suppliers. Efficient but needs to identify supplier qualifications and scale capabilities.

It is also recommended to visit some professional jewelry exhibitions, as well as some jewelry distribution centers in China, to find direct suppliers and factories in the local market. This is an offline way to find suppliers. A lot of preparatory work needs to be done, such as communication in advance, and clarifying the purpose of the visit. Of course, the effect of the field visit is immediate.

Q2:What to do after finding a supplier? How to do in several steps?

1,Firstly you should check the catalog from the suppliers, to match your business .

2,Second you can check the suppliers address and company information also the factory pictures or some manufactories department. How is the production steps to understand the factory rules .

3,Third to ask the samples or order some custom Hip Hop jewelry designs will see the quality and ability of factory .

When you finished check the items and factory details. You can discuss the delivery time and ways to check the cost and time . to match your business . wholesales or retails . online or shops. The delivery time is most important thing in online business. So please pay attention to do it .

Jewelry is usually delivered by air and express delivery. Because of its small size, air freight costs account for a small proportion of the value of the goods. In order to shorten the delivery time, air freight can be used, and the cost will not be very high, which can increase customer satisfaction.

Next, you need to work with the supplier on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) to make sure your stocking and production cycles match. It does not mean that the lowest quantity must be ordered. It is just to know the stock capacity of a factory. If the minimum order quantity is high, new products and subsequent replenishment should be prepared in advance to avoid the problem of stock out. If the minimum order quantity is not high, it means that the factory’s regular order and production process are guaranteed, so that new products can be appropriately added and promotion efforts can be improved. So be sure to know the supplier’s production scale and delivery capacity. The MOQ is also a reference value.

The last thing that needs to be fully communicated is the payment method and channel, which is also the most important link in trade, because this is also related to the quotation system. The currency of payment, the channel of payment, the bank account number and so on, all need to be carefully prepared and connected. Once the payment method is clear, fix it to avoid online scams by hackers and scammers.

Hot Selling Pendants

Hope it is helpful for you to find suppliers.
Here are some Hip Hop Pendants vendors. FEEL STYLE jewelry has evolved over the years. Transition from popular accessories to hip hop sub category. The process is constantly upgraded to achieve customer customization and develop a perfect production and development capability. In the hip hop pendant category, FEEL STYLE Jewelry has a rich product series.

  1. Totem animal series
  2. Guardian of religious series
  3. Letter splicing series
  4. Photo necklace series
  5. Team Logo Collection
  6. Team Logo series and so on
  7. The following are representative product pictures for your reference.
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